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-- Omar Khayyam

Hello my Dear Reader,

If you found yourself browsing on my website, you are defiantly like to travel. My name is Elena and it’s really nice to meet you!

Travel is my passion and profession. Travel opens our eyes to other cultures and people, makes us aware of the differences and, yet, shows how much alike we all are. "Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled." — Mohammed.

I have been in travel business for about 15 years! My God, I just can’t believe it myself… I worked in different areas. I started as a travel agent and became an executive; I worked for British Airways and was personal travel adviser for some Russian oligarchs. I travel for work and I travel for fun. I learn a lot and getting life time experiences through traveling over and over again…

I thought, I have so much knowledge and experience I want to share. I should extend my audience.

Here am I, building my very first own website about traveling. I want to start my internet journey from Moscow Russia - my favorite city in the World and my Motherland.

Ready to visit beautiful city of Moscow, the part of Great Russia? Come with me…

Your Moscow Russia Travel Guide

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