Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier (nick name is Dog of Stalin) was bred in the second half of XX century in the Soviet Union. The Black Russian terriers were bred solely by the state owned Red Star Kennel. Several breeds were used in Russian black terrier development – the Giant Schnauzers, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler, Newfoundland and other breeds. The Soviet government issued the order to breed a guard dogs for service in all climates of the country. After 1957 some puppies were sold to civilian breeders.

Black Russian Terriers are confident, calm, highly intelligent, brave and loyal. It should never be timid. The Black Russian Terrier may seem aloof, but needs human companionship and bonds deeply to its family.

Russian Black Terrier

Russian Black Terrier. Photo taken from

Black Russian Terrier loyal to its owners and get a long with children, often playing the role of "caregivers of baleen." A lively mind and an innate intelligence will always please the owners of this breed of dog.

Here are some ideas for your new puppy – most popular Russian dog names:
For female dog – Palma, Lada, Elsa, Alma, Nayda, Dana, Layma, Lady, Lucky, Lucy.
For male dog - Muhtar, Polkan, Pushok, Sultan, Jack, Charley, Tsezar (Cesar), Rex, Sharik, Barbos.

Travel with animals to and from Russia
If you intend to travel with pets, please contact the airlines before you book your flight to Russia. Transportation of animals and birds are allowed only in special luggage compartment and in only in special containers. Free baggage rule doesn’t apply for traveling animals. Their transportation paid at the rate for excess baggage according to the actual weight of the animal, together with the container.

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