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Time in Moscow. Time Zone: GMT +3

Moscow Population. Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. Moscow population is 10.5 million. Statistic says that Moscow population is expecting to be 16 millions by 2020. Amount of native Muscovites (4th generation let’s say) are less than 2% from Moscow population. 3 million people relocated to Moscow for last 20 years. Amount of Russians became less - from 90 to 84% for last 20 years. Part of Ukrainians decreased as well from 2.8% to 2.4%; same for Belarusians (from 0.8% to 0.66%) and Jews (from 2% to 0.7%). But part of Armenians and Georgians is increased for 3 times, Azeri increased for five times. Overall amount of people from Northern Caucus increased for ten times, but their part in Moscow population is 1%. Besides that there are 300 thousand people from China, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Serbia and Turkey.

Weather in Moscow. There is big myth about brutally cold weather in Moscow, Russia. This is not correct. The climate is temperate. October sees still-mild temperatures but shorter days. The real Russia-buried in snow - is best in February and March. Summers are gorgeous, and in June it stays light until nearly midnight.

Local weather forecast:

  • Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz, two pin thin European plugs
  • Country Dialing Code: +7. If you need to make a call to Moscow, Russia, Moscow City code is 495
Ok, enough statistic. Here are more interesting facts about Moscow.

Did You Know That...

In the first weekend of September celebrates birthday of Moscow. This year of 2011 was 864th birthday of Moscow, Russia. During this time, Russia's capital not only manages to become the beautiful city of Russia, but also grows a myth about itself and its inhabitants.

Moscow actually has more billionaires living in the area than any other city in the world. With a total of 79 billionaires, Moscow beats New York City's statistic by three. Impressive... The total combined wealth is $375.3 billion. Moscow billionaires include Russia's richest man and steel magnate Vladmimir Lisin, commodities investor and Chelsea soccer team owner Roman Abramovich, and venture capitalist and Facebook investor Yuri Milner.
Forbes magazine complied a list of Russian wealthiest public figures in July of 2010, and Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova topped the list with an annual income of $25 million - five times that of runner-up Russian pop music star Alla Pugacheva. Of the top ten, four were Russian sport stars, and five were Russian pop singers. Forbes also included data from the Russian search engine Yandex. Here is the result:

  1. Maria Sharapova - Russian tennis player, $25 mn
  2. Alla Pugacheva - Russian pop music singer, $4.5 mn
  3. Alexander Ovechkin - Russian hockey star, $12 mn
  4. Ksenia Sobchak - TV personality, $2.3 mn
  5. Andrey Arshavin - Russian soccer star, $8.3 mn
  6. Dima Bilan - Russian pop music star, $3.7 mn
  7. Phillip Kirkorov - Russian pop music star, $5 mn
  8. Yevgeny Pluschenko - Russian ice skating star, $1.6 mn
  9. Grigory Leps - Russian singer, $5 mn
  10. Vlariya - Russian pop singer, $3.5 mn

Seven of Moscow's buildings look exactly the same. They are two hotels, two administrative buildings, two blocks of flats, and the Moscow State University.

These building have nicknames - Stalin's skyscrapers or Seven Sisters

Every year on August 2nd you can see thousands and thousands drunk males dressed in military uniform. Don’t be surprised, they are “blue berets” and this is celebration of Paratrooper’s Day.

One of the unusual Moscow agencies has name “Alibi”. The name makes it clear. “Alibi” agency provides an alibi for those who need it. Who are the clients? Unfaithful spouses are... most of the times!

Ostankino Tower is the highest TV tower in Europe. World's tallest self-supporting structure from 1967 to 1975. Surpassed by the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Ostankino Tower contains 3544 stairs and hosts stairs race competition for more than 10 year. The highest record is 11 minutes and 55 second. Way to go!

The Russian State Library is the biggest in Europe and second in the World after Library of Congress in the USA. The Russian State Library is located in Moscow and was founded in 1862.

Tret’yakovskiy proezd is the most expensive street in Moscow. There are located such boutiques like Armani, Brioni, Prada, Gucci, Lil Sander, Chopard, Tiffany&Co. Giorgio Armani boutique in Moscow is the biggest store in Europe for this particular brand. It is 685,5 square meters. I use to work for the company which owns all these places. It was fun time guys....

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