Flag of Russia, Russian Coat of Arms

and Russian National Anthem


Russian National Flag
(Approved by the Federal Constitutional Law of December 8, 2000)
Russian Flag is a rectangular tricolor with equal horizontal bands: white on top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom.

Flag of Russia

It was only on the eve of Nicholas II’s coronation in 1896 that the state flag took on its present coloration. Before that, a black, yellow and white tricolor had been Russia’s official flag, while the white, blue and red flag had been Russia’s merchant flag since the time of Peter the Great.

Red signified the power of the state, blue was the color of the Blessed Virgin, Russia’s protectress, and white stood for freedom and independence.

The flag’s colors have also been interpreted as corresponding to historical divisions of the Russian Empire: white for White Russia (Belarus), blue for Little Russia (Ukraine) and red for Great Russia.

Today, in the absence of an official interpretation, the following is generally cited:
White stands for peace, purity and perfection
Blue is the color of faith, loyalty and constancy
Red symbolizes energy, strength and blood shed for the motherland.

Russian Flag Day, approved in 1994 by presidential edict, is celebrated on August 22 of each year.

Information taken from http://www.investinrussia.info/ru/

The Russian Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation displays a golden two-headed eagle on a red heraldic shield. The golden two-headed eagle on a red field retains the historical coloring of coats of arms of the late fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. Russian coat of arm The eagle is surmounted by three historical crowns of Peter the Great (a small crown over each head and one large crown above these), symbolizing the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and each of its constituent entities. The eagle clutches a scepter and orb in its talons, representing state power and unity. On the eagle’s breast, against a red shield, is a mounted figure spearing a dragon. This is one of the most ancient symbols of the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness and defense of the motherland. The scepter held in the eagle’s right talon is surmounted by a small two-headed eagle, which also holds a scepter and so on ad infinitum. Such recurrence is unique in heraldry.

The restoration of the two-headed eagle as Russia’s coat of arms demonstrates the continuity of Russian history. Although today Russia’s coat of arms is new, its elements are highly traditional, reflecting the various stages of Russian history and carrying them on into the third millennium.

Information taken from http://www.investinrussia.info/ru/

Russian National Anthem
The lyrics and music of the national anthem create a ceremonial composition intended as a symbol of state unity. The Anthem’s words reflect feelings of patriotism and respect for the country’s history and its system of government.

The National Anthem can be performed by an orchestra or choir, separately or jointly, or using other vocal and instrumental media. Audio and video recordings can also be made and used in performing the Anthem, as can television and radio broadcasts. The National Anthem must be performed in strict accordance with the approved music and text.

When the National Anthem is performed at official occasions, the audience is expected to stand and men must remove their hats. If the National Anthem is played while the State Flag is being raised, the audience faces the flag.

The new National Anthem of the Russian Federation was first officially performed on December 30, 2000, at a state reception in the Great Kremlin Palace.

Information taken from http://kremlin.ru/mainpage.shtml


Music by Alexander Alexandrov
Poem by Sergey Mikhalkov
Translated by P. Zinovatiy, 2004
O Russia, for ever you’re strong sacred country !
O Russia, for ever the land that we love!
The fame that is great and the will that is mighty –
So be they thy treasure in ages to come.

Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours –
Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free,
Popular wisdom given us by ancestors.
Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee!

From seas in the South and up to polar border
Our woods and our meadows have stretched far away.
Alone in the whole world, you stand one and only!
By God saved as ever our dear native land.

Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours –
Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free,
Popular wisdom given us by ancestors.
Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee!

For generous dreaming, for life and for longing
The years approaching give us ample scope.
With faith in our Homeland we are getting stronger.
It was so, it is so and it will be so!

Praised be the Fatherland, cherishing home of ours –
Cent’ries-old union of peoples in free,
Popular wisdom given us by ancestors.
Praised be our country! And we’re proud of thee!

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