Getting Around Moscow, Russia

Getting arouns Moscow
Getting around Moscow is not difficult. Moscow has a really wide variety of public transportation, including the Moscow metro, buses, trolley buses and trams.

There are more ways to get around Moscow - marshrutki (shuttle buses / vans) and Russia’s famous taxies, which literally can be ANY car on the street.

MOSCOW METRO (Moscow Subway)
Moscow Metro map (Moscow Subway map). Moving around the city is easy once you understand how the Moscow Metro (Moscow Subway) works. Moscow Metro looks really busy. However, the Moscow Metro is much more intriguing than it seems to be. The metro stations are famous for their art, murals and chandeliers. Europe's longest escalators are part of Park Pobedy station, located 84 m (275 ft) underground. Further you travel away from the city center, metro stations are located further apart. Buses pick up passengers at all stations to bring them closer to their destinations.

Moscow Metro opens at 5.30 am. Connecting passages close at 1.00 am. The price for a single magnetic ticket regardless of zone is 28 rubles. Just FYI – Moscow subway lost and found office phone number is +7 (495) 622 2085.

Buses, trolleybuses and mini-buses offer a slightly less comfortable way of getting around town. These types of transport are for those with times on their hand, it is just more convenient to go by Moscow metro.

The passage fare for Moscow bus, trolleybus or tram is 28 rubles. The tickets can be purchased at ticket stalls Mosgortrans and from the driver.

In Russia any car driving along the street can be a potential taxi. Moscow is crawling with gypsy cabs. With official taxis way too expensive for regular Muscovites, a cheap alternative is to wave down a private car. Most private drivers will give you a ride. Simply stand on the side of the road for the direction you want to travel in and hold out your hand. I can guarantee that no more than two or three cars will pass by before someone pulls up. You say where you want to go; they say how much they want. If you like the price you get in, if not you shut the door and they drive off! However I recommend you avoid this unless you enjoy flouting traffic rules with a driver who chain-smokes cheap cigarettes and shouts geopolitical theories over a Russian crooner blaring on blown speakers.

Very often gypsy Moscow taxi ride makes the client to swear his teeth: "Well, where have you brought me? This is the other side of town! I'm late!" There is nothing surprising People engaged in the street taxi business in Moscow, often newcomers. They are of other cities of Russia and CIS countries. They buy a cheap car and begin to ride without even knowing yet Moscow city map. Often, such a journey ends up in a robbery. Moscow is quite criminal city, like any major megalopolis. It attracts a lot of shady characters who want to make some money, among them those who trades criminal taxi driver, waiting for the victim who is weaker or just had too much too drink.
Hope I convince you and you will use a licensed taxi service in Moscow. It will save you time, money or even life. As a rule, it's much easier to have the concierge order a licensed taxi.

Avis Small Business - Enroll for Free!
In spite of I got my driver's license in Moscow and drive here, I don't recommend rent a car for getting around Moscow, unless you extremely experience driver and really craving for adrenalin rash. Awful roads, revolting traffic, invisible road signs, and city's ring roads can make the most experienced driver break out into a cold sweat, not to mention the police.... But if you want to get out of the city of Moscow, rent a car is a good idea, and there are Avis, Hertz and many more who'll give you a car. You can read about Russian cars here. I would recommend you to rent GPS as well. GPS system will make your trip painless. You need a driver's license from your home country, passport and credit card.

01 – Rescue Service
02 – Police
03 – Ambulance
09 – Free Moscow City Inquiry Office
+7 (495) 622 2085 – Moscow subway lost and found office


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