Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building

of Foreign Affairs Building is located in Smolensko-Sennaya Square – Smolenskaya metro station. This is one of the most famous Skyscraper built in the era of Stalin's leadership. This 172 meter building was built between 1948 and 1953. The windows of the 27 storey building viewed the entire area and Borodino Bridge.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building

It was designed by V. Gelfreich and M. Minkus and architectural style of the building reminds one of the skyscrapers in New York. There are no florid and luxury in the design of the others buildings. In the contrary architects used metal grilles and moldings. The spherical metal composition was installed on the Building according Stalin's personal orders. He wanted Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building to be similar to others Skyscrapers.

Multi-storey and large sizes of this Skyscraper do not violate beauty of the lanes and alleys of the Old Arbat. It rather very well blended in the area.

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