Moscow Restaurant Vanil

Vanil signifies status. The identities of the owners—to be specific, Arkady Novikov, Stepan Mikhailov and Fyodor Bondarchuk—together with the interior by renowned architect Yury Andreyev and the view from the restaurant’s windows—these are the elements that make the atmosphere of Vanil what it is. It is an atmosphere of success. It’s no accident that the restaurant has been so popular among the prosperous. Vanil for us means bohemia, high society, and the elite. One of those films about the beautiful life. At the very least, you can come here to commune with the spirit of such a state of being.

Moscow restaurant Vanil

Everything begins, fittingly, with the interior.The central idea behind it, as described by its designer, Yury Andreyev, is that “the space of the restaurant is universal. You can design an interior unburdened by any distinctly defined history any way you want.

Restaurants in Moscow The interior is stylish, without artifice. It’s a kind of loft, a studio. It’s a unified space, with a feeling of openness both inside and out. It’s the set design for a highly contemporary play.” And Vanil is indeed current. It has very ttouristic view from the window. They are from floor to ceiling; there are tables in the window openings. High ceilings, lots of air, chandeliers, and a giant mirror.

This restaurant has controversial reputation. This is almost like a home for ones, while others wonder what is good about it. It’s a place only for the successful. And let the unsuccessful cry—this city doesn’t believe in tears; it believes only in success.

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