Moscow Restaurants Genazvale

The word Genazvale is translated from Georgian as a "very close person, even closer than friend". In Moscow restaurants Genazvale in the Arbat and Ostozhenka St you will be welcome with truly Caucasian hospitality as well as comfort and the tastiest Georgian courses, cooked by the ancient recipes. There is a fantastic interior waiting for you. It looks like an ancient Georgian town with its quiet, lovely streets, with a tower, a wine cellar, with balconies and a stable. In our restaurant there is a real stony river, where live fish swim. You can see an old mill and a small bridge, where visitors like to be photographed.

Moscow restaurants Genazvale

The best cooks of Georgian and European cuisine, amiable waiters and musicians, who are unique masters of Georgian verbosity, work for you.
My first impression of the restaurant Genazvale on Arbat was pleasant - it's entwined with vine-house with an unusual entry in the form of a pitcher. Wicker fences, stone arches, balconies, verandas, gazebos create the atmosphere of the Georgian villages. Softly gurgling brook, where splashing fish, the waterfall turns the mill wheel. Each table in the restaurant is hidden from prying eyes, very charming and private.

Genazvale is one of my favorite restaurants in Moscow Russia

Restaurants in Moscow Russia

In Genazvale restaurant in the Moscow Arbat you can taste the most famous Georgian cuisine dishes. All cooks are Georgians, preparing for according really authentic recipes and sometimes having a hot dispute about whose mom was better cook. But specialties serving with real ceremony, you want to see. For example, a pyramid of shashlyks (kebabs) served with candles, accompanied with music and dance.

Both restaurants are located in the historical center of Moscow, and it is especially convenient for the tourists! Managers speak English, as far as I know, so foreign travelers will feel comfortable there! Restaurants will offer you the menu in Russian and English languages. What can I say? I love Genazvale

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