Moscow State University Building

Moscow State University (MGU) Building is located in Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) and it is a highest one from all seven buildings. It is 240 meters tall.

In 1948, in response to the Kremlin task about the possibility of constructing a new building for the MGU, employees of the Central Committee and the Rector of the University Nesmeyanov prepared a memorandum. They offered to build a Skyscraper. Moscow authorities found the construction would be very expensive for the city budget.

But Stalin thought differently and decided to construct a building with the height of not less than twenty floors and on top of the Lenin Hills (Sparrow Hills now). Stalin ordered to build a separate room for each student – in those years the Moscow State University consisted of six thousand students. Molotov convinced Stalin that three thousand rooms would be enough – students are jovial fellows and they better live two in a room.

Moscow State University Building

The first stone of the Moscow State University Building was solemnly installed in April 12, 1949. Construction was announced the Komsomol one and according to the plan it should had three thousand Komsomol members working on the construction. Actually the number of the workers at the construction site was significantly greater. There have worked more than 14 thousand prisoners, who had the construction field background. They were specially released on parole for the construction job and they all were convicted for domestic felonies. Authorities were feared to bring political prisoners for the construction.

After the Moscow State University Building was built, it became unique in many ways. There are 36 floors at an altitude of 236 meters, steel frame weighs of 40000 tons, and 175 million bricks were used in the construction. The height of the building’s spire is 50 meters and weight of the star on the steeple is 12 tons. The clock on the Moscow State University Building is nine meters in a diameter. The minute hand is 4.1 meters length and weight 39 kilograms. The clock was made of stainless steel. The MGU building has unique lift’s system - 111 lifts, including high-speed ones. The columns system was incorporated in the architecture of the main building.

The inauguration of the Moscow State University happened on 1st of September 1953. Authorities planned to rename the Moscow State University after Joseph Stalin. They even prepared letters and labeled them for installation. But Stalin's death stopped this idea and left Moscow University with its old name – Lomonosov* University.
* Mikhail Lomonosov was a Russian polymath, scientist and writer, who made great contributions to literature, education, and science.

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