Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoological Park has come a long way from a small zoological garden to the large scientific, educational and conservation institution of today.

Moscow Zoo is one of my favorite places to spend a free time and get positive emotional boost. I’m an animal’s lovers and it is really relaxing for me watch them. The Moscow Zoo is specious and has variety of animals from all over the Globe. It’s really worth to spend a day there, especially if you travel with kinds. Moscow Zoo located in Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, 1. It is between Krasnopresnenskaya and Barrikadnaya metro stations, not far from one of the Seven Sisters. Moscow Zoo opened everyday except Monday. If you are disabled traveler in Moscow, you visit this place without worry. Moscow Zoo has access for travelers with special needs.

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Moscow zoo

Moscow Zoo is the first zoo in Russia. It was founded in 1864 by Russian Imperial Society of Acclimatization of animals and plants. The beginning of its existence is connected with remarkable names of Moscow University professors like Charles Rulie, Anatoly Bogdanov, and Sergei Usov. The location was selected based on distance accessibly to all Muscovites, including the poorer ones. By the opening time Moscow Zoo had already about 80 species and 200 specimens of wild animals and over 100 copies of domestic animals. Russian fauna was presented better than others: bears, wolves, foxes, badgers, polecats, martens, hares, squirrels, hedgehogs, deer, falcons, hawks, owls, owls, thrushes, cranes, herons, ducks and others.

Moscow Zoo

Zoo creators wanted show to the audience the foremost Russian native nature first. However there were an exposition and exotic creatures - lions, jaguar, rhinoceros, parrots, and alligators. Many buildings in the zoo were built on the funds of wealthy Muscovites keen on the idea of animals and plants acclimatization.

Zoo in Moscow

After the Revolution zoo was nationalized. In the yearly 20s new premises for animals were built and new territory has been opened. At that time Moscow Zoo was actively participating in educational work. A Club of Young Biologists was opened in 1924, which grew more than one generation of biologists in Russia. Moscow Zoo went through a difficult time not only during the Revolution and in the 20's, but during the Great Patriotic War with fascist’s Germany. However animals loving people who worked for Moscow Zoo were always there in all situations and in the first place they were trying to protect zoo’s animals. After the War, the zoo has continued to maintain very high educational and scientific work. Moscow Zoo strengthened and multiplied connections with zoos abroad. It actively worked under problems of rare species breeding in captivity.

Zoo in Moscow

In 1970-1980 years was a dark time for Moscow Zoo - it was no longer the interest of Moscow city government, and it started to decay and disintegrate.

The most significant reconstruction of the Moscow Zoo, or I would rather say the construction of old territory, began in 1990. Due to the active position of the Moscow authorities, and mainly the Mayor of Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov, Moscow Zoo was practically rebuilt in a new zoo.

The Moscow zoo has opened a children's petting zoo. It openes from 11 am tp 3 pm, weather permitting. Children will also be able to feed some of the animals.

Animals in Russia

Now in the Moscow Zoo contains more than eight thousand animals belonging to more than a thousand species of world fauna. The Zoo in Moscow participates in many international programs for the conservation of endangered species, working with conservation organizations around the world.

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