Rodina Grand Hotel and SPA Sochi

Yes, yes, my reader - the sanatorium where Yuri Gagarin recuperated after becoming the first man in space has been converted in to this sleek new hotel - Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina, a perfect example of the over-the-top luxury favored by Russia’s new rich – think enormous flat-screen TVs, acres of marble, and a restaurant with Barbarella-like waitresses serving extravagant fare.

Rodina Grand Hotel and Spa Sochi

Photo taken from official website

The palette in the 40 spacious rooms is chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla, set off by exposed wood beams and luscious textures. Home-country touches appears unexpectedly here and there: gorgeous antique Pushkin and Tolstoy tomes in Cyrillicin in the library, a dish at the hotel’s Black Magnolia restaurant that’s a surf-and-turf “Faberge egg” of chicken, fish and lobster. Prepared by a French chef, naturally. Through the Cold War and up until perestroika, the building was reserved for the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Sochi Facts

Photo taken from official website

Grand Hotel and SPA Rodina opened in July 2006 in the very heart of Black Sea Riviera, Sochi – is an unsurpassed, beautiful and luxurious hotel, which is worthily considered to be a pride of Russia. It embodies style that is beyond time and fashion, high level of comfort and perfect service. It is a place where dreams of perfect holiday come true.

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