Russian Blue Cat

So, you decided to get Russian blue cat. Here is some information you might find interesting.

Origin of Russian blue cat breed is surrounded by legends and myths. There is still no consensus on this matter.
There are theories that the European royal families couldn’t think their existence without Russian blue cats; that the British sailors and Dutch merchants transported the Russian blue cats from Arkhangelsk, Russia to all ports from London to Malta; that Catherine the Great was sending precious gifts to friends overseas by Russian blue kittens.

Russian blue cat

My cousin's Russian blue cat Ivashka

No matter what tales tell about Russian blue cats, we can almost certainly say that the cats out of the northern regions of Russia have made in the rock core in to a breed - a soft, dense coat of silver-blue color.

Russian blue are elegant green-eyed cats with a pleasant temperament and calm nature, friendly and independent. Because of their friendliness, the Russian blue gladly accepts another cat company. They also easily adapt to living in an apartment, and easy to maintain friendly relations both with children and other pets. Russian blue cats are full of charm and are excellent and intelligent companions.

Russian blue cats

Russian blue cat. Photo taken from

Russian blue cats are extraordinarily beautiful. The combination of silver-blue coat with emerald-green eyes and a wise eye creates a stunning image of sweet affectionate cats.

Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat. Photo taken from

Ok, you have got your beautiful Russian blue cat. Your cat deserves a good name that reflects its character. To inspire you a little bit, I want to give you some examples of popular Russian cat names.

For female cat – Anphisa, Bonya, Chuma, Iriska, Varya, Zayka, Glafira, Dymka (haze), Dusya, Zosya, Coco, Lulu, Masyanya, Mashka, Murka, Sima, Tuchka (little cloud), Frosya.

For male cat – Archi, Barsik, Bantik, Barrymore, Bonifatsiy, Begemot, Baton, Vaska, Gucci, Zakhar, Kesha, Keks, Kotovskiy, Marsik, Ponchik, Skipidar, Timosha, Ursik, Chubise, Yosya, Zyama

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