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Russian food or better say Russian cuisine is one of the most popular and widely used cuisine in the world. Russian food is healthy and tasty. Russian dishes are easy to prepare, and they do not require much skill and special ingredients, they do not require exotic equipment and tools. Anyone who knows how to use a knife and peel potatoes will be able to cook delicious dishes of Russian cuisine.

This Moscow summer is really hot. What is the best remedy for hot summer? Okroshka or cold summer soup - unique dish of Russian cuisine. Today we are going to cook a very traditional Russian summer dish.

History of this dish lost in centuries. There is no way to tell for sure when exactly Russians created this soup. We can assume that in the usual form, okroshka with kvas, existed at least 1000 years ago.
Okroshka is Russian national dish. It literally means “chopped”. All ingredients should be finely cut for okroshka. Basically this is a salad, poured by kvas or another filler (low-fat yogurt, fermented baked milk, whey, sour milk simple, plain boiled water with the addition of apple vinegar, pickles, cold meat broth..) REMEMBER! Whatever you poured okroshka, filling must be cold! Even the plates should be cool down in the fridge ... I even would recommend your to add a couple of ice cubes into your okroshal plate.

Philosophy of this truly Russian national dish is simple - all that is in peasant farming, comes to the okroshka. It does not matter if some of the usual ingredients are missing. You can chop something else ... Real peasant okroshka is always an improvisation, diversity of colors and taste. That is why I am not going to give you some strict Russian recipe. I will just share my family recipe with you and I know you will love okroshka!

Russian recipe of Okroshka

russian food recipe

Here are we go!
For 4 liters pot (1.06 gallons) you will need: 5 boiled eggs, 5-6 cucumbers, a big bunch of chives and big bunch of dill, 5 medium sizes boiled potatoes, good bunch of radish, half kilo of white bologna (or half kilo of boiled beef – preferable actually), 1 liter of buttermilk (34 oz), sour cream and cold water.

recipes for russian food

Now be ready to chop everything for small pieces. First of all, cut chives and dill, and then put it into a pot. Sprinkle generously with salt and press it with tool for mashed potatoes - like on the photo. Why do we need to do this? Herbs will be softer, give away all aroma and juice, also won’t be floating on top of our okroshka.

russian foods

Peel eggs and potatoes. Chop all other ingredients in small pieces, put them all into port and stir. The mixture will look like sort of salad.

russian food recipes

Add buttermilk and couple big spoons of sour cream. Stir very well.

russian culture food

Add water and salt. I also add couple tea spoons of vinegar. Stir well and put it in refrigerator for at least couple hours.

russian woman food

Okroshka is served! Bon appetite.

There is another hot weather dish - Svekolnik. It has to be served cold. I know many different recopies for cooking svekolnik. But today, I would like to share with you on of my favorite recipe. Try it!

Please keep checking my website for new Russian Food Recipes and write to me if you have any questions.

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