20 must see Russian movies

Hi there, glad to see you on my 20 must see Russian movies page.

I am a big fan of Russian movies. And there hundreds and hundreds of excellent Russian films that are invaluable for understanding Russia and Russian people, for picking up on important cultural knowledge. Every movie lover will have own list of favorite movies.

There are 20 that I feel every Russophile should see....

17 Moments of Spring by Tatyana Lyuznova (1973)

White Sun of the Desert by Vladimir Motyl (1970)

Belorussky Train Station by Andrei Smirnov (1970)

Gentlemen of Fortune by Alexander Sery (1972)

The Cranes are Flying by Mikhail Kalatozov (1957)

Diamond Arm by Leonid Gaidai (1968)

Irony of Fate by Eldar Ryazanov (1975)

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears by Vladimir Menshov (1980)

An Ordinary Miracle by Mark Zakharov (1978)

The meeting place can’t be changed by Stanislav Govorukhin (1979)

Burnt by the Sun by Nikita Mikhalkov (1994)

The Dawns Here Are Quiet by Stanislav Rostotsky (1972)

Afonya by Georgi Daneliya (1975)

Ballad of a Soldier by Grigori Chukhrai (1959)

The Flight by Aleksandr Alov and Vladimir Naumov (1970)

Only Old Men Are Going to Battle by Leonid Bykov (1973)

Brother by Alexei Balabanov (1997)

Jolly Fellows by Grigori Aleksandrov (1934)

Beware of the Car by Eldar Ryazanov (1966)

War and Peace by Sergei Bondarchuk (1968)

The Hussar Ballad by Eldar Ryazanov (1962)

The Turkish Gambit by Dzhanik Faiziyev (2005)

The Barber of Siberia by Nikita Milakhov (1998)

Russian movies

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture, which also is symbol of Mosfilm Cinema Consern. Photo taken from Mosfilm webiste

The Mosfilm Studio has launched an online cinema database, making huge amount of online Russian movies available for viewing, in an attempt to rival internet file sharing and pirated DVDs. The website allows users access to an online theater, where Russian movies are shown for free according to a posted schedule. In addition Russian movies are available on demand. While most movies are in Russian, the website began featuring movies with English subtitles at the end of May of 2010.

After I wrote the 20 movies list, I realized that there are much more great movies… I just can not help myself and I have to write them down as well.

East/West by Régis Wargnier (1999)

The Girls by Yuri Chulyukin (1961)

Welcome, or No Trespassing by Elem Klimov made in (1964)

We'll Live Till Monday by Stanislav Rostotsky (1968)

A Cruel Romance by Eldar Ryazanov (1984)

My Tender and Affectionate Animal by Emil Lotyanu (1978)

Autumn Marathon by Georgi Daneliya (1979)

Eugene, Little Eugene and Katyusha by Vladimir Motyl (1967)

The Brothers Karamazov directed by Kirill Lavrov, Ivan Pyryev and Mikhail Ulyanov (1969)

Spring on Zarechnaya Street by Marlen Khutsiev and Feliks Mironer (1956)

Destiny of a man by Sergej Bondarchuk (1959)

Quiet Flows the Don by Sergej Gerasimov (1957)

The Very Same Munhgauzen (1979) and Formula lyubvi (1984) by Mark Zakharov

Cold Summer of 1953 by Aleksandr Proshkin (1987)

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by Igor' Maslennikov (1979)

I am Walking Along Moscow (1963) and Mimino (1977) by Georgij Daneliya

Height by Aleksandr Zarkhi (1957)

Come and See by Elem Klimov (1985)

Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures (1971) and peration Y and Shurik's Other Adventures (1965) by Leonid Gaidai

Carnival Night (1956) and Business romance by Eldar Ryazanov (1956)

Red Guelder Rose by Vasiliy Shukshin (1973)

The Messenger by Karen Shakhnazarov (1986)

Love and Pigeons by Vladimir Menshov (1984), also Night Watch and Day Watch by Vladimir Menshov (2004-2005)

They fought for their Motherland by Sergej Bondarchuk and Vladimir Dostal (1975)

Officers by Vladimir Rogovoy (1971)

Pokrov Gates by Mikhail Kazakov (1985)

At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among his own by Nikita Mikhalkov (1974)

Heart Of a Dog by Vladimir Bortko (1988)

The Star of Fascinating Happiness (1975)

Wow! I’m sure that I will remember some more. Yea, all those movies are my favorites... Hopefully you will like them too.

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