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There is an excellent variety of Russian radio stations online now days. If you are Russian music fan, this page is for you.

Every year the May 7th marks as a Radio Day in Russia. The date is based on event which happened in May 7th of 1895 and associated with discoveries of a prominent Russian physicist and inventor Alexander Popov. At the historic meeting of the Physics Section of the Russian Physic-Chemical Society (RFHO) at St. Petersburg University on May 7th (April 25 old style) of 1895, Alexander Popov demonstrated his creation - the world's first spark wireless two-way radio system, useful for the reliable exchange of information signals. This fact was taken as a starting point the beginning of radio era in Russia.

Here is the list of my favorite Russian online radio stations, so enjoy!

FM 105.7 in Moscow or listen on-line
Russian Radio is strictly modern Russian music radio station. Listen to Russian Radio online and internet station Golden Gramophone around the clock can be anywhere in the world through the World Wide Web. Great Russian music and mood, best Russian songs for the soul and touching memories are guaranteed!

FM 106.2 in Moscow or listen it on-line
The best, brightest and fashionable music from Russia and from all over the World fall into the Europe Plus style. Every week there are new songs. One of my favorite Russian radio stations.

Russian radio RADIO HIT FM
FM 107.4 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Radio HIT FM is broadcasting launched online radio station for fans of the world's popular music. Wherever you are, having access to the Internet, you can enjoy at any time recognized hits and best creations of the pop stars of first magnitude.

FM 102.1 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Radio Monte Carlo has a distinctive sound. It is very difficult to attach it to Relax, Rock or pop music. This is something special, something truly musical and melodious. You can listen to the radio at a frequency of 102.1 FM in Moscow. A good modern music, playing on the Monte-Carlo will not leave you indifferent.

Russian love radio LOVE RADIO
FM 106.06 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Russian radio station which is broadcasting in Russian 24/7. It broadcasts a popular foreign music, and a small amount of Russian music. Each hour it presents fresh music or song.

Russian radio on-line RADIO MAXIMUM
FM 103.7 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Radio MAXIMUM is the first Russian-American radio station, founded by the Westwood One, Harris Corporation, StoryFirst Communications and the newspaper Moscow News. MAXIMUM style is a modern fashionable Russian and international rock and dance music. Each year, Radio MAXIMUM provides information support to the main musical events in Russia. With radio MAXIMUM assistance were organized concerts of Russian and Western groups, such as Lenny Kravitz, Depeche Mode, Blur, Garbage, White Stripes, Scorpions, Moby, Pink, HIM, Natalie Imbruglia, The Rasmus, Kosheen, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Morcheeba, Duran Duran, The Prodigy and many others. MAXIMUM does not neglect the most important world music events, allowing its listeners to win trips to concerts headlining the "maximum air" on the major European festivals and the awards ceremony a global scale.

Russian radio on-line SEREBRYANNIY DOZGD (Silver Rain) 101.1 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Serebryanniy Dozhd is infotainment Russian radio station that meets the demands of the modern listener, providing quality information and analysis and musical product. Silver Rain is the organizer of the annual award ceremony for Silver Shoe for the most dubious achievements in show business.

Russian Auto radio AUTO RADIO
FM 90.3 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Avto Radio is a Moscow-based radio station. Avto Radio plays music and songs in Russian and English, variety of music from different genres. It started broadcasting on 5 April 1993.
Russian retro radio RETRO FM
FM 88.3 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Retro FM is a commercial music radio station and one of the top five radio stations in Russia. It broadcasts Soviet / Russian and foreign music of the 1970s - 1990s. How fun is that! It started broadcasting in September 1, 1995.

Russian radio for children DETSKOE RADIO (Radio for Kids or Children’s Radio)
FM 96.8 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Children's radio is the only Russian radio station which broadcasting is devoted entirely to children. The Children’s Radio first aired on December 25, 2007 in Moscow. It launched in honor of a unique social project on the eve of the coming 2008, which was declared the Year of the family in Russia.Detskoe Radio broadcast is made up of children's songs, performances, a cognitive-developmental and recreational programs and and education programs for parents. This Russian Children’s Radio station takes into account age-specific features and listeners’ routines: morning block is addressed to preschool children, the day time is for children over seven years, late at night is the block for the parents, and at night is a music for sleep.

on-line Russian radio RADIO CHANSON
FM 103.0 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Radio Chanson is a bardic and chanson style music radio station, which draws its listeners into a world of experienced artists.

Russian music RELAX FM
FM 90.8 in Moscow or listen it on-line
The name of this Russian radio station says for itself… I just love it!

Russian rock on-line NASHE RADIO
FM 101.7 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Nashe Radio is a rock music station which was designed to promote Russian rock bands for the opposed to Western music and pop music. It is founded in 1998 and aired so far Russian popular rock bands and singers like DDT, Zemfira, Aria,Bi-2, Kino, Splin, and many others.

If you are one of Russian language learners, here are some Russian radio stations I would recommend for you. Listen to fallowing Russian radio stations online, it is a wonderful studying tool and extra information about Russian culture.

Russian radio RADIO RUSSIA
FM 66.44 in Moscow or listen it on-line
State Broadcasting Company Radio Russia is the main state radio station of the country. It has started its broadcasting on December 10th of 1990. The Radio Russia is the only radio station in the country with a federal format, which produces all kinds of radio production - information, socio-political, musical, literary, dramatic, scientific, educational, and children's programs.

Russian radio Voice of Russia THE VOICE OF RUSSIA
*Voice of Russia is the Russian government's international radio. Its predecessor was the Radio Moscow. Radio Moscow was the official international broadcasting station of the Soviet Union. Radio Moscow began broadcasting in 1922. By the 1939 Radio Moscow was broadcasting in English, French, German, Italian and Arabic. During 1930s the Radio Moscow was expressing a big concern over the rise of German dictator Adolf Hitler. During early 1950s, Radio Moscow targeted the United States. In late 1950s the first broadcasts in English and French went to Africa, in 1961 Radio Moscow has started to broadcasting in Amharic, Swahili and Hausa. In 1980s Radio Moscow was broadcasting in over 70 languages and using transmitters in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Cuba.
One of the most popular shows on air in the 1980s, due to its informal presentation that contrasted with most other shows, was the Listeners Request Club hosted by prominent radio presenter Vasily Strelnikov. Another popular show was Moscow Mailbag, which answered listeners' questions in English about the former Soviet Union and later about Russia. Between 1957 and 2005 the show was presented by Joe Adamov, who was known for his excellent command of the English language and his good humor. Radio Moscow continued to broadcast until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, and it was renamed the World Service of the Voice of Russia. The Voice of Russia continues to broadcast to most of the world.*Partial information was taken from the Wikipedia.
Listen in Russian
Listen in English

On-line Russian radio EHO MOSKVY (Moscow’s Echo)
FM 91.2 in Moscow or listen it on-line
Echo of Moscow is a Moscow based Russian radio station, which is broadcasting in many Russian cities, in some of the former-Soviet republics. Some people would describe this Russian radio station as the last bastion of free media in Russia". Most of the station’s content consists of news and talk shows, which are focusing on social and political issues. Eho Moskby usually represents different points of view.

RADIO MAYAK (Radio Lighthouse)
FM 103.4 in Moscow or listen it on-line
State Broadcasting Company Mayak is the oldest radio station. 24/7 it is broadcasting information and music. Despite its age, the Russian radio station Mayak today still enjoys great popularity, as well as genuine love of radio listeners.
Radio Mayak has been created as a special radio station of the Soviet government to oppose to stations from the West. The first broadcast took place on August 1st of 1964. The original format of the station is news every half hour and musical programs. As the call sign was chosen tune of the Moscow Nights song, which still is the radio’s call sign.

Moscow Nights Songs

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