Russian Street Boutique

Russian Street boutique is the first Russian designer’s store and a great place to shop in Moscow for Russian clithing. Russians are taking the place in the fashion industry and the international community has gradually become more familiar with their new ideas.

Finally it became obvious that there are not only Italian passionate, the French sophistication, American urbanism and English eccentricity there on fashion market. European critics recognize the Russian sense of style and design are predicting Russian international success, provided by the rules of the game industry, of course. In this important role played by shops that represent Russian designers not only domestically, but also to the foreign public.

Shopping in Moscow Store-gallery has opened in the chocolate factory Red October area. Russkaya Ulitsa brought together the leading Russian designers in one store. Chamber furnishings store, cozy lighting antique chandeliers, oak floors, exquisite antique furniture - all is a worthy setting for the design of things. Presented their collections to the best Russian designers: Dmitry Loginov with his brand Arsenicum, Oleg Ovsiev with Viva Vox, Leonid Alexeev with brand Leonid Alekxeev, Konstantin Gaidai with Konstantin Gaiday brand, and Alina Herman with brand Alina German.

What do you think how high the price of 9-12 thousand rubles for the dress, which exists only in five copies? Because of the relatively low price the buyer gets a real work of art, which keeps the warmth of human hands. And this design thing will never be a thing of the past season. After a year it will be the same, and even more urgent. But after a while it will be up to date a vintage. And that is a important - you never see on the street in the same dress, coat or blouse, because your bought it in Russian designer’s boutique during your wonderfully journey in Moscow Russia.

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