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Dogs as employees
A Russian airline Transaero has accepted new employees. They are top professionals, they are disciplined, friendly and the most important thing is that they are not corrupt thanks to their nature. Their task is to search every jet and passengers’ luggage before a take-off. They know people and bad guys will hardly ever fool them. The airline has established its own K-9 service.

Bolshoi Theatre
On October 29. 2011 the curtain will go up on the historic Bolshoi Theatre, every inch spectacularly restored. Glinka’s Ruslan and Lyudmila on November 2nd and Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet on November 18th are standouts.

Aeroflot has changed the luggage rules again!
Russian airlines Aeroflot has changed the free baggage allowance. Now, business class passengers may carry 2 pieces of 32 kilos each. In economy class, the underlying condition remains unchanged - one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kilos. However, for those who travel for fares of "STATUS" free baggage allowance increased to two places to 23 kilograms each. Also, one additional piece of luggage is entitled to "gold" or "silver" members of the Aeroflot Bonus program. The size of each piece of luggage in all cases should not exceed 158 centimeters on the sum of three dimensions. Aeroflot press service informed that the number of baggage pieces for check-in won’t be taken into account, if its total weight, including carry-on baggage does not exceed 10 kilos. They also specified the rules for special baggage transportation. In particular, Aeroflot informed about liberation from the need to pay separately each piece of equipment anglers. Now set the fishing equipment is regarded as one piece of luggage.The new rules apply to the own Aeroflot flights for tickets issued from August 1st of this year.

Russian visa registration
The Russian government has adopted a resolution amending the rules of foreigners and individuals without Russian citizenship registration in Russia. This decree was increased the maximum permitted length of stay of foreign citizens in Russia without registration at the place of residence. The term was increased from 3 to 7 business days. However, I would get registration within 3 days anyway, just for being on the safe side.

Moscow surpassed in popularity Amsterdam and Madrid
According to the Skyscanner, Russian and foreign travelers prefer Moscow over Amsterdam and Madrid. Moscow in the ranking of search requests ahead of Amsterdam, Madrid and Malaga, moving from 11th up to 8th place. Moscow, as a tourist destination, is expected to increase in popularity in the next few years. Contributors to this will be an attractive environment for businesses, sporting events and the efforts of the Russian airlines to increase the flow of passengers.

St. Basil's Cathedral marks 450th anniversary
In July 12th of this year, St. Basil's Cathedral marks 450th anniversary. July 12, 1561 was consecrated by St. Basil's Cathedral - now a museum and a functioning church, an outstanding monument of Russian history and culture, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia.

Ukraine is now luxury gem!
Ukraina Hotel, now Moscow's Radisson Royal, has been named Russia's leading luxury hotel by World Travel Awards, a tourism industry rating group. The riverside hotel re-opened in 2010 after three years of renovation and features $350 rooms, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an Iranian restaurant and year around river cruises - boats are equipped with ice breakers in the winter months in Moscow.

New Moscow Metro station
Dostoyevskaya metro station located just north of Trubnaya, featured mosaics of Raskolnikov, character from the Crime and Panishment, weilding an axe, and Kirillov, from The Possessed, pointing a gun to his head. After images leaked online, Muscovites were shocked by the dark images. Dostoyevskaya and the next station on the line, Maryina Roscha, have been in the works for 20 years.

Train to Nice
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On September 23 last year, after 96 years of oblivion, Russia’s rail monopoly Russian Railways had lunched service from Moscow to Nice, in the South of France. The 53-hours trip to the French Riviera passes through Belarus, Oland, Austria, and several other European countries, leaving Belorussky Train Station every Thursday afternoon. Trains from Russia to the French Mediterranean coast were regularly departed from St. Petersburg until 1917, but they were canceled after the October Revolution. Nice was a popular resort in tsarist time and it home to the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral outside of Russia.

Sochi Hilton
The Hilton hotel chain will open its first hotel in Sochi. The hotel will operate under the Doubletree brand and have 200 rooms and 15 cottages. The Sochi hotel will be on the site of the existing Solnechniy Luch sanatorium and will be first hotel operated directly by Hilton in Russia. Two existing Hiltons - Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya hotel and Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Novosibirsk, operate as franchises.

Famous Social symbol has been restored
The famous socialist symbol of the Collective farmer and Worker has been fully restored and reinstalled near the World Exhibition Center (VDNKh) in northern Moscow. The 24-meter-high sculpture is made of steel and was designed by Vera Mukhina in 1937 for the Soviet pavilion at the Paris Exhibition. It was later moved to Moscow and became a symbol of Mosfilm, the largest Soviet film studio.

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