Russian Wolfhound

If you want to bring a little puppy from your Russian trip, I would recommend you a Russian wolfhound.

Russian wolfhound or Russian Borzoi is, without doubt, one of the most elegant and noble hunting dog. Their beauty and grace, and superior performance qualities won hearts at different times the Russian landowners and overseas aristocrats.

Centuries ago a Russian wolfhound could cost an entire village with the general population. Today, a puppy with a good pedigree can cost an average of 1,000 to 5,000 dollars. History of the breed is closely connected with hunting. The first mention of dogs hunting and the Russian wolfhounds occur during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Each noble considered it an honor to have own pack of wolfhounds. Only royalty was hunting with them. Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy wrote about these magnificent creatures in their work. Famous artists were portrayed them on their canvases...

Russian wolfhound

Russian Wolfhounds. Photo taken from

Wolfhound has very interesting personality. It has a very sensitive and delicate psyche type. When this breed was created, the task was to get a dog with a rapid response to animal. This is possible if the dog is choleric type. Wolfhound is very sensitive and excitable to everything going on around it, even if it is not hunting. However, at home a wolfhound is very calm and full of self-esteem dog. Coming from a walk, it goes to its favorite place and becomes quite invisible at home.

Owning such a dog is a sign of impeccable taste and high status of its owner.

Here are some ideas for your new puppy – most popular Russian dog names:
For female dog – Palma, Lada, Elsa, Alma, Nayda, Dana, Layma, Lady, Lucky, Lucy.
For male dog - Muhtar, Polkan, Pushok, Sultan, Jack, Charley, Tsezar (Cesar), Rex, Sharik, Barbos.

Travel with animals to and from Russia
If you intend to travel with pets, please contact the airlines before you book your flight to Russia. Transportation of animals and birds are allowed only in special luggage compartment and in only in special containers. Free baggage rule doesn’t apply for traveling animals. Their transportation paid at the rate for excess baggage according to the actual weight of the animal, together with the container.

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