Stalin's Skyscrapers or Seven Sisters

In recent years Moscow, Russia has changed beyond recognition: demolished some old houses, renovated mansions with a complete change in the historic facades, brought up new tower skyscrapers. But there are the buildings that help to accurately distinguish Moscow from other cities: the Kremlin, many churches, headed by the restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the mansions of the Arbat and, of course, seven Stalin’s skyscrapers.

Stalin’s skyscrapers are seven look the same buildings which built on the orders of Josef Stalin. Stalin’s skyscrapers were built in 40-50th of twenties century. Buildings were constructed for the glorification of the Country after World War II.

Together they still are a symbol of the might of the country and the people involved in their construction. But individually, each represents its own: the building of Moscow State University or MGU building - by Soviet and Russia's science, Foreign Ministry skyscraper - the international authority of Russia, Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper – the theater and cinema, skyscraper on Barrikadnaya by the Moscow Zoo - the power of the aviation industry ...

Over the past half a century after the construction of seven Stalin’s skyscrapers did not change the status of their tenants: to have an apartment in one the apartment skyscraper is a symbol of belonging to high society - before the Soviet, today - Russia.

Hotel Ukraina Building

Hotel Leningradskaya Building

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building

Ministry of Transport Building

Moscow State University Building (MGU)

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

Kudrinskaya Square Building


Barrikadnaya building and I

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