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It takes about 36 hours to get from Western Europe to Moscow by train. Moscow's nine major train stations keep the nation's rails moving in all directions. All train stations are located next to metro stations and usually on the Koltsovoye (Circle) Line, which is running around the central part of Moscow. You can buy a ticket through train stations websites. All stations have electronic ticket registration for the Russian Railways. Any station has spacious waiting rooms (I wouldn’t say that about Leningradsky actually) left luggage facilities, mobile phone outlets, cafes and toilets.

Also you need to remember that there is no English at all when you use train stations service. I really encourage you to learn some Russian transport talk…

Moscow train


Yaraslavsky Vokzal (Yaraslavsky Station)
Yaroslavsky is one of the smaller stations with two towers. You can reach it from a Komsomolskaya metro station. Yaroslavsky is the starting point for Trans-Siberian adventures, trains go to Beijing, Ulan Bator and Siberian destinations such as Irkutsk on Lake Baikal and Russia's most easterly destination Vladivostok . Other domestic trains head to Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Archangelsk and Novosibirsk. In the upstairs you can find the Service centre where you can buy both plane and train tickets for a fee and also obtain hotel information. Waiting lounge, left luggage room, more toilets and the baby change room are upstairs.

Kazansky Vokzal (Kazansky Station).

Kazansky is a gateway to the East. Trains run to Kazan, Tashkent, Samara, Ulan-Ude and Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk on timetables). Due to its immense size everything is scattered throughout the premises; the ticket offices and the Information desk (in Russian), and six information screens (one touch screen) are located in the furthest part of the station past all the platforms. Kazansky is the biggest railway station in Moscow. It can be reached from Komsomolskaya metro station (Red line, not circle). There is Internet cafe outside, near the metro entrance. An Irish bar and sweets cafe number among the eating and drinking options and there is also an office selling airline tickets and a 24hour hotel service.

Leningradsky Vokzal (Leningradsky Station).

Moscow's first railway station for all trains to the north including international trains to Helsinki and Tallinn and domestic trains to Pskov and St. Petersbug. You can reach it from a Komsomolskaya metro station as well. For international train tickets, go upstairs to the International Ticket office.. Upstairs you'll also find an Intourist Airline ticket office. Toilets are downstairs. Services here are busy; gift shops, currency exchange, take-away food outlets and hairdressers. The waiting lounge is overcrowded all the time, the atmosphere here can be stifling. There is also a special booking service centre to book hotels in St. Petersburg.

Belorusskiy Vokzal (Belorussky Station).

You can reach it from Belorusskaya metro station. When you come out of Belorusskaya metro, go towards the huge mint green Gothic style buildings. This is the second biggest railway station in Moscow and it is historical place. Gorky was met here in 1928 when he returned to the Soviet Union. First military trains heading to the front left here in 1941. Trains go from here to Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk, Vilnius and Kaliningrad. The ticket office for the international trains is in the furthest part of the station. The platforms are in the middle with the ticket offices. Information touch screens in Russian only. There is an E-ticket registration point. There is a twenty-four hour left luggage office downstairs, there are no lockers. There's also a restaurant, an ATM, currency exchange.

Kievsky Vokzal (Kievsky Station).

Kievsky is right outside the ou can reach it from a Kievskaya metro station. Kievsky overlooks the Moscow river and right next to Europe Square with the 48 European flags and and the Evropeisky Shopping Centre. Trains leave from Kievsky to Kiev of course, to Odessa, Budapest, Bucharest and Kishenev. There is the Vnukovo Aeroexpress Downtown Terminal. Passengers departing on scheduled domestic flights can complete their check-in and check their luggage through. Kievsky also has many cafes, currency exchange, hairdressers and even an Orthodox church inside. Left luggage is downstairs. If you need to use the baby change facilities, there is a special entrance and you need to ring the doorbell. The ticket offices are in the centre.

Kursky Vokzal (Kursky Station).

Kursky is located behind Kurskaya and Chkalovskaya metro stations. It is Moscow's most modern and western looking station. In spite of Kursky is modern and western looking, there's a lot of history here. It looks like a well organized place. Tickets offices are numerous and there are two information centers with English speakers. There are a lot of shops including a sushi, magazines, gifts and military wear specialist. To head to the long distance platforms and the toilets head downstairs, local trains including the express trains to Vladimir depart from the right hand side of the station. You can also get the Airexpress train to Domodedovo. But it's not as convenient as the same service from Paveletsky Station. Airexpress only goes three times a day.

Paveletsky Vokzal (Paveletsky Station),

You can reach it from Paveletskaya metro station. Paveletsky was the station where Lenin's body was brought after his death in 1924. Today the station sends trains to Domodedovo Airport via the AeroExpress train. For this facility, you need to enter the station through Podezd (Entrance) 2 or 3. Here you can check in your bags to go to Domodedovo. There is a fee of 150Rbl. Express trains operate with intervals of 30mins to an hour depending on time of day. Left luggage room is also through Podezd 2 and 3. For ticket offices and toilets, enter through Podezd 4.

Rizhsky Vokzal (Rizhsky Station).

You'll go through Rizhsky if you are heading to Riga. Rizhsky is attached to Rizhskaya metro. Get out of the metro onto Prospekt Mira and cross under the street (please use the pedestrian passage way). It is just down the road from the prominent and tall Holiday Inn Suschevsky.

Savyolovsky Vokzal (Savyolovsky Station).

Express train-bus facility for Sheremetyevo Airport leaves from Savyolovsky. There are no long distance trains run from here. Express train-bus facility for Sheremetyevo is running daily. The trains run to Lobnya station (it takes about 25mins) where passengers disembark and get onto a white bus which takes them to the airport (both Sheremetyevo terminals, it takes around 15-35 mins). For an additional fee, you can also check your baggage through here as well and do your sits assignment.

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